Entries are now closed.

This is not an official TICA show. This is a FUNdraising event which is for fun only, no TICA Titles or points will be awarded. Virtual Ribbons will be awarded and prizes. Funds from this show will be managed by the Regional Director, Liz Brown. It is intended to help those clubs (or region) who lost money related to Covid-19 cancellations.

You do not need to be TICA registered to enter and your cat does not need to be registered in TICA to enter.

Show committee:

Show Manager: Liz Brown
Entry Clerk, Master Clerk and Scorer: Chris Unangst


This show will have 10 judges. Each judge will submit their top 10 for finals. Virtual ribbons will be awarded to all finalists. Other prizes may be awarded, to be announced later.



This show is open to entries as of Tuesday, April 7, 2020 and closes to entries on Thursday, May 7, 2020 at 9PM Eastern Standard Time. Results will be posted, for each judge (list of names, no pictures) on Monday, May 11, on the TICA Great Lakes Facebook group. The best of the best (top 10 in each class based on cumulative points) will be presented, via video with pictures, on the TICA Great Lakes Facebook group the week of May 11.

Fees will be paid promptly after entering. Information on how to submit your fees is on the entry form. Enter as many cats as you want. You may enter this show even if you do not reside in this Region. There is no limit on total number of entries. We are making these rules as simple as possible. Because this is virtual, we cannot police the exhibitors. Everyone is on the HONOR SYSTEM to follow the rules.


A pedigreed cat is one in which the ancestry is formally registered in a recognized organization such as TICA, ACFA, CFA. If your cat’s ancestry is unknown, it is not a pedigreed cat (even if it looks exactly like one). If not pedigreed, it should be entered in the household pet division. Only TICA breeds are recognized for this show (see tica.org for approved breeds).

Kittens: Pedigreed kittens shall be 4 to 8 months old at the time of the photo. May be intact or spayed/neutered.
Cats: Pedigreed Adults who have not been spayed or neutered 8 months or older at the time of the photo. Pregnant cats may enter if you wish.
Alters: Pedigreed Adults over 8 months who have been spayed or neutered.
Household Pet Kittens (HHPK): non-pedigreed kittens 4-8 months at the time of the photos.
Household Pet Adults (HHP): non-pedigreed cats over 8 months at the time of the photo.
Preliminary New Breed / Advanced New Breed / New Trait: pedigreed cats 4 months or older (at the time of the photo) who do not yet meet requirements for competition in the other Pedigreed categories.

**PNB: Aphrodite , Tennessee Rex, Toybob
**ANB: Highlander, Highlander Shorthair, Serengeti
**New Trait: Something new is introduced into an existing breed (i.e. a new color).


  1. Rainbow Bridge: Beloved cats that are waiting at the Rainbow Bridge
  2. Wee Ones: Kittens 12 weeks and under
  3. Funny Felines: Cats or Kittens with funny captions

PHOTOS FOR ENTRY: You are allowed to submit up to 3 photos per entry for regular entries and one photo per entry for the congresses. Professional photos are allowed but please give credit to photographer. Make sure your entry reflects the age of the cat at the time of the photo (i.e. if you enter the kitten category, the photos should have been taken when that cat was actually 4-8 months old). Photos should show your cat off: we recommend one with your cat’s head profile, a body shot, and a head shot. When you take photos, make sure there is good contrast with the background color, no clutter or people in background. Be sure to groom your cat prior to photo taking the pictures: wash your cat if needed and groom fur, clean matter out of eyes, clean inside their ears, clean bottoms, etc. Show them looking their best, but no photoshopping.

JUNIOR EXHIBITOR: JE should submit a 3 minute or less video of themselves or creation of movie about breed.


  • $5 per regular entry
  • $5 for Congress/Fun Ring entry
  • $5 Vendor Presentation
  • FREE for Junior Exhibitor

Chris Unangst (chris.unangst@gmail.com) is the entry clerk. All entry questions should be directed to her.

When you submit your entry on the form, you will be taken to the Paypal Checkout screen for easy payment. If you do not want to pay via Paypal, please close the window when you receive the successful transmission page & send a check, payable to TICA Great Lakes to Liz Brown 4899 Squaw Valley Dr Caledonia, IL 61011

If you are submitting multiple entries and would like to just pay one Paypal payment for all your entries when you are finished, just cancel out of the Paypal screen and make your payment later after all your entries have been submitted. If you do not know your grand total owed, contact Chris Unganst. The Region's Paypal is: ticaglpaypal@gmail.com

VIRTUAL SHOW VENDORS - We need YOU! For $5 you can advertise your goods via video or image in our FB group. I am opening this album now and the other albums will post with the show results May 11. If you prefer to donate a prize or cash to the virtual show, you can advertise for free! Please contact me if you are interested.

PRIZES (more to come) The Regional Director is donating a beautiful portrait by the incredibly talented artist Polly Torubarova to the highest, overall scoring cat in show. And visit Polly’s Instagram account for more examples of her amazing artwork: 🥰 instagram.com/polly_cherry_art

SHOW FLYER (click to download)