Entry forms will ask for three photos for each entry. Please be sure to upload a large, clear photo for each requested type. For horizontal (landscape) photos, width should be no less than 500px. For vertical (portrait) photos, height should be no less than 500px. Anything smaller will be difficult to judge. We need the judges to be able to see your kitties clearly!

Below are examples of the three types of photos: straight-on head shot, profile head shot, and full body shot. Profile and straight-on head photos can be close up or full body, but need to show those views clearly.

NOTE: For "fun rings/congresses" such as costume or "cat-ption" (meme) photos, you only need to upload a single image.

Photos do NOT need to be professionally taken. Photos may not be manipulated or enhanced by software, but may be cropped. (Exception: "meme" rings where a caption is added to the photo). Please leave photo credit watermarks intact and/or give professional photographer credit in your remarks when submitting your entry or payment.

Profile Entry Photo
Profile Photo Example
Front Head Shot Entry Photo
Front Head Shot Photo Example
Full Body Entry Photo

Full Body Photo Example

Photo credit: Larry Johnson